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Dylan’s pick for March is The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb. His review: 

Set in the thick of the Columbine tragedy, this story follows the emotional unraveling of a school nurse who locked herself in a library cabinet while the shooters were committing murder just feet away. This powerful novel demonstrates the different effects of trauma and PTSD (her husband was also in the school); Wally Lamb has, once again, made us feel absorbed in the story, with every heart-wrenching reality which that entailed.

Goodreads Summary of The Hour I First Believed.



Gabriella’s staff pick for March is The Only Harmless Great Thing by Brooke Bolander. Her review:



With inspiration taken from two historical events–the execution of the elephant Topsy, and the poisoning of the Radium Girls in New Jersey–Bolander constructs a glorious tale of sympathy and revenge. In the span of less than a hundred pages, she manages to create a world where elephants are possessed of human-level intelligence, and manages to masterfully weave together multiple timelines to show how the horrific actions of our past can affect our future, the toll repeated requests for unappreciated sacrifice can take, and how stories bind it–and us–together

Goodreads Summary of The Only Harmless Great Thing.


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Goodreads Summary:

Deep in the forest is a place where woodland creatures live together in harmony. Moose and mice, owls and bears, and many more call the charming village of Shady Hollow home. All is well, until a toad is found floating facedown in the millpond. It’s something these folks haven’t seen before: a murder.

Foxy reporter Vera Vixen is new in town. She has a nose for news and catches the scent of a story, one that leads her to dark places. As she stirs up the still waters, the fox exposes more than one mystery, and the folks in Shady Hollow learn that some of their neighbors are shifty, while others are downright dangerous.

Vera finds more to this shady town than she ever suspected. Someone in the Hollow will do anything to keep her from solving the murder. It will take all of Vera’s cunning and quickness to come out alive.