Holiday Favorites 2020 Ornament Fundraiser for Roxy Cinemas!

Help Prairie Fox Books raise money for Roxy

Cinemas in Ottawa!

Numerous classrooms and individuals created

amazing ornaments, based on their favorite

holiday classics, and we have them hanging on

our store tree! Starting Monday, December 7th

through Sunday, December 20th, you can cast

your votes for your favorite ornaments (all

while raising money with every vote you


Each vote costs $1.00, and can be made with

cash, check (made out to Roxy Cinemas), or

with a credit card (by clicking on your choice

below). Vote as many times as you like,

because 100% of all funds raised will go

directly to the Roxy at the end of the



   Ms. Haskell’s 1st Grade (McKinley)


  Mrs. Walker’s 1st Grade (McKinley)


  Ms. Hamilton’s 2nd Grade (Milton Pope)


  Ms. Hovious’ 3rd Grade (McKinley)


  Molly (Christmas Story Leg Lamp)


Sara (Rudolph) 


  Austin (Rudolph)


  Carter (Frosty)


  Serenity (Gremlins) 


  Ms. Irwin’s 1st Grade (McKinley)


  Phoebe (Grinch) 


  Lea (Mystery Science Theater)