Raising Funds for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of East Lasalle County!

We are proud to be raising funds for the United Way affiliate of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, right here in Ottawa. The Imagination Library has been an extraordinary program since 1995, when Dolly Parton created it to ensure that every child might have a chance to have a good book, no matter what. 

The United Way in Ottawa is our local affiliate, and they are dangerously low on funds right now. There are a great deal of resources that Dolly and her foundation provide for each affiliate across the country, but the affiliates still rely on funding from their communities to keep their trains running smoothly. Our train needs our help!


It costs $30 a year for one child to receive a book every month. Normally, when your child is signed up, they receive books all the way until they are 5 and are getting ready to enter kindergarten. That is a LOT of books! And, for the most part, Dolly created this program for the books to be free for those who might need them. However, anyone can sign up for the Imagination Library! This means that anyone who signs up also has the option to not only pay for their own child/children, but to even donate to sponsor another child, too! 

Prairie Fox Books has set up this page in order to make sure there is always a spot to directly donate to the East Lasalle Imagination Library!

This way, all of your donations will benefit the kids in our area!


Any amount helps–just click on the Imagination Library logo below to go to the donation page.

The amount will automatically be $1.00. Just change the quantity to change your gift!



Click on the train to donate!