A Cold Nose for Murder (A Chatty Corgi Mystery #3 by Jennifer Hawkins


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Trouble is brewing for a tea shop owner with a penchant for investigation and her talking corgi in this delightful cozy mystery.

When Emma Reed moved to the Cornish village of Trevena, she was looking forward to making new friends, opening up a small tea shop, and taking plenty of brisk walks with her talking dog, Oliver. But when a valuable motorcycle and an old skeleton are found together under the local pub, Emma’s antique dealing friends David and Charles become prime suspects in a forty year old mystery.  The local gossip is soon flowing faster than tea in Emma’s shop, and old secrets are being unearthed right along with the old bones.

Although David and Charles insist they have nothing to do with the skeleton, they quickly come under police suspicion. To save their friends, Emma and Oliver will need to dig deep..


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