Baby Cakes (Cupcake Club) (Paperback) By Sheryl Berk


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The fifth book in a delicious new series by New York Times bestselling author Sheryl Berk and her cupcake-obsessed daughter, Carrie.

From only child to big sister–Delaney needs a crash course in Baby 101

New cupcake club member Delaney is shocked to find out her mom is expecting twins When her parents first tell her, the practical joker thinks they must be pulling her leg. For 10 years she’s had her parents–and her room–all to herself. She LIKED being an only child. But now she’s going to be a big sis.

The girls for Peace, Love, and Cupcakes get together to bake cupcakes and discover Delaney is worried about what kind of big sister she will be. She’s never even babysat before But her cupcake club friends tally to her side for a crash course in Baby 101.

Includes recipes and tips to try at home


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