Bakers on Board (Cupcake Club #9) (Paperback) By Sheryl Berk


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Can the Cupcake Club bake on the high seas? Or will their cupcakes go from sweet to sunk?

Jenna’s stepdad Leo is taking his family on a Caribbean cruise. Unfortunately, Jenna’s younger siblings get the chicken pox, leaving Leo with four extra tickets. Enter Peace, Love, and Cupcakes Leo says Jenna’s four besties can come–in exchange for baking twelve thousand cupcakes for his company’s pirate-themed event. Shiver me timbers, that’s a lot of icing Now veterans in the cupcake-baking game, the PLC takes on the challenge.

But when a freak rainstorm flares up on the night of the big event, will it be rough seas for the girls?

Sheryl Berk, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Soul Surfer, and her daughter Carrie, a cupcake connoisseur who has reviewed confections from around the world in her Carrie’s Cupcakes Critiques newsletter, have cooked up a delightful series sure to be a treat.


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