Bonkpocalypse: A Red Darkling Jam by LA Guettler


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Bonk isn’t a normal cat. It’s glitchy, rusty, its eyes don’t match—and it’s only getting worse. Red Darkling, its owner and all-around space babe, is determined to find out what’s wrong.

Red’s investigation takes her across the galaxy, from Chuck’s Tap to the Whore’s Knuckles, from Dr. Mn’s Vet Clinic and Oil Change Emporium to The Meaty Noodle. Along the way, she’s joined by a lounge lizard, a government assassin and her busty wife, and some suspiciously hospitable monks.

Will Red uncover Bonk’s secret? Who is Todhunter Balzac? And will she ever get that damn FlinkBar jingle out of her head?


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