Celtic Mythology For Kids: Tales of Selkies, Giants, and the Sea by Chris Pinard


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The magic of myths comes to life in this Celtic mythology book for kids 8 to 12

Imagine a world where fearsome giants, mischievous fairies, charming witches, and ageless queens wander the land. In Celtic Mythology for Kids, you’ll be taken on a guided journey through the mystical realm of the Celts told through folklore and tall tales. This engaging book for kids (ages 8 to 12) will keep your imagination running as wild as Ireland’s emerald-green forests.

Featuring a handful of famous and lesser-known myths from places like Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Brittany, this is your introduction to a faraway world of wonder. With vibrant, colorful illustrations at the beginning of every myth, you’ll feel like you’re part of the action―whether you’re chasing deep-sea treasure or starting off on a quest.

Celtic Mythology for Kids includes:

  • 20 stories―20 different myths of Celtic culture come together in this captivating book.
  • Dive deeper―Along with each myth, you’ll find thought-provoking questions to help you talk about each story.
  • Speak the Celtic way―Use the extensive glossary of Celtic mythology terms to better understand words like banshee, brownie, and selkie.

Enter the magical universe of Celtic mythology with this riveting book for kids.


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