Charlie Shaw: My Vigilante Sister by T.E. McGeorge


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CHARLIE SHAW, MY VIGILANTE SISTER, is a love story of one sister’s love for the other.
This story is told by Charlie’s younger sister, Sarah. Charlotte Shaw, a strong young girl, with a boyish face, lived part of her life, as a man in the old west. She was as tough and hard as any of them. At an early age, she took on this persona to protect her younger sister.
Their father was killed in an Indian raid on their wagon train. Leaving Charlotte and her sister alone in the vast central prairie of Oklahoma to fend for themselves. After the raid, they found a wounded Indian boy and nursed back to health. They would later be captured by the same band of Indians, which destroyed their wagon train and killed their father. Saving the boy’s life would save theirs also.
Sarah and her tomboy sister rarely saw troublesome situations with the same amount of importance. She always thought she was dealing with two different siblings.
Her sister, Charlotte’s personality, would marry and adopt a young boy, build a School House and become a guardian for every child in town. Struggle with the death of her husband. Wrestle with her relationship with God, and Morph into a doting Grandmother.
Her Charlie personality would become a cattle rustler and maim the man that raped her sister. She then settled down and started a freight wagon and blacksmithing business. Only to become a vigilante again and murder a dangerous cowboy. A deed which caught the attention of a Texas Ranger.


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