Confessions for the Narrow Road: It’s Within You! by Loretta Fralin-Rapp


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It’s Within You! It’s within you to choose life, it’s within you to choose good, it’s within you to focus on the light. Are you ready for it? Take the 40 day challenge and develop your ability to make choices that will change the course of your life forever. Confessions for the Narrow Road is a 40 day devotional focusing on the power of the choices we make, set against the backdrop of nature photography taken by the author, Loretta Fralin-Rapp. The book includes a study guide to give you a deeper look at yourself and your choices. This 3D devotional includes a link to video journals recorded by the author where she talks about how these confessions have impacted her own life. You can find the videos on YouTube under Loretta Fralin-Rapp.
Confessions for the Narrow Road was birthed out of a very challenging and dark time in Loretta’s life. Suffering from bipolar disorder, she had a manic episode while she was with her daughter and put her in danger. It was at that point that she lost custody of her daughter. While she entered an empty place, she met God through reading the Bible and learned how to make confessions based on what she was reading. It is from this place that she wrote Confessions for the Narrow Road. It is her hope that it challenges how you approach the Bible and think about your own choices.


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