Crochet Donut Buddies: 50 Easy Amigurumi Patterns for Collectible Crochet Toys by Rachel Zain


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Meet the Crochet Donut Buddies, the cutest collectible toys for kids. Just like real donuts, it’s impossible to stop at just one


Ring toys are well established in the early years market as excellent for developing grip and gross motor skills. And what kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t love a donut or three? These easy crochet patterns will allow you to make over 50 handmade toys that young kids will love to play with and collect. Whether it’s grouping animals by colour, habitat or characteristics, learning to count, or sensory stimulation, these sweet crochet toys will deliver hours of fun for little ones, sprinkled all over with love.


Author Rachel Zain, founder of Oodles of Crochet, developed these patterns for her non-verbal autistic son. Using easy crochet techniques and standard materials, you too can make a menagerie of toys that will delight kids of all ages and abilities.


Learn all the techniques for the basic crochet donut, and then discover over 50 ways to transform your donuts into adorable animals and other cute characters. The book includes patterns for farm animals, safari animals, sea creatures, seasonal and holiday designs and more. Each donut measures around 5in diameter, making them perfect for little hands to grip, and you can add squeakers, rattles, crinkles and bells to create extra-special sensory toys. Alternatively you can play with hook size and yarn gauge to supersize your donuts into pillows or shrink them into keychains.


All the stitches needed to make the donuts are included, as well as some fun ideas for different games you can play with your donut characters, including storytelling, role play, counting and sorting games and more.


This incredible collection will provide easy crochet toy patterns for all the kids in your life and have you hooked for years. Luckily this donut addiction is entirely ‘holesome’ (please donut judge the puns, they’re a-glazing ) allowing you to count the memories, not the calories!


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