Disney Mulan (Hardcover) The Story of the Movie in Comics By Gregory Ehrbar


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Venture to the Great Wall of China in a remarkable tale of bravery in this retelling of the animated film, Disney Mulan.

The Huns have invaded China. One man from every family must serve in the Imperial Army. Mulan, a strong-willed teenage girl, volunteers to fight among the soldiers in her father’s stead. With women forbidden to join the army, Mulan risks death and dishonor as she goes undercover as a man to defend her land and protect her father. With the help of the General’s son, a sassy guardian dragon, and a lucky cricket, Mulan pursues her passion of bringing honor to her country, her family, and herself–she is a girl bound by no limits! With wit, strength, and determination, Mulan fearlessly enters the battlefield and goes head to head to the vicious leader of the Huns!

Pave your own destiny with Mulan as she fights for family, peace, and the right to be yourself!


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