Farm Crimes! the Moo-Sterious Disappearance of Cow by Sandra Dumais


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Detective Billiam Van Hoof is back for another misadventure in this junior graphic novel for ages 6 to 9

It’s a beautiful fall day at the farm when the animals realize someone is missing … again Cow is nowhere to be found, and her calves can’t say where she is, so Hen, Sheep, Raccoon, and Pig call in Inspector Billiam Van Hoof, the world’s best (and only) goat detective.
The farm animals are certain Cow has been kidnapped, and clues lead them to some conspiratorial conclusions. Could a crop circle mean she was abducted by aliens? Did the farmer put her in a trailer to be sold, or worse–turned into a hamburger? But when Cow returns, they realize a celebration is in order (and that the answer was right in front of them all along).
A silly and engaging second instalment in the Farm Crimes series, each page is full of delightful details, visual gags, and fun characters. Returning and new readers alike will find lots to love in this latest mystery.


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