Farmer Beau’s Farm (Paperback) By Kathleen Geiger


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Farmer Beau and his wife Bamma enjoy sitting on their patio watching nature. One day they discover six little kittens have come to their farm. Although they feared all the kittens would leave, they are so happy when Kailey Kitten decided to make her home on their farm. One summer day, Kailey decides to approach “a fluffy ball of fur” and becomes friends with Sammy Bunny. Kailey and Sammy discover the farm is no ordinary farm when Farmer Beau and Bamma decide to take in an unusual animal. They are not sure if this is a wise choice and are afraid people will make fun of Farmer Beau and Bamma. When Kailey and Sammy meet this new member of the farm, they come to realize that although we all have differences, we can learn to get along.

Stuffed animals have been created for the author’s granddaughters . If this book is a hit, she would also like to create the stuffed animal characters to accompany the book. It is her hope that this book and any others that might follow will help to teach children lessons about life and getting along.


is retired from teaching Third grade at Grand Ridge School, in Grand Ridge. Illinois. She lives outside Grand Ridge on the farm her husband Frank farmed. She was inspired to write this book while she and her husband were sitting on their patio and saw six precious kittens pounce out of their garage.


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