Grumpy Unicorn Hits the Road (Grumpy Unicorn Graphic Novel) (Paperback) By Joey Spiotto


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Grumpy Unicorn returns in his first graphic novel! He’s out in the world and ready to straight up not have a good time in this hilarious collection of comic stories.

Grumpy Unicorn is bored. Really bored. And what’s a Unicorn to do when the town he lives in has nothing fun to do? Hit the road in search of adventure, of course!

In this laugh-out-loud original story, everyone’s favorite magical grouch sets off to find something or someone that doesn’t totally annoy him. And sort of succeeds. With new characters like Sassy the Sasquatch, Jack the Jackelope, and some out-of-this-world friends, this hilarious journey is a must-have for fans of Grumpy Unicorn: Why Me?


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