Kid Who Only Hit Homers by Matt Christopher


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The Kid Who Only Hit Homers has sold over one million copies and is now a film on Amazon Prime! A baseball fan learns the true meaning of success in this beloved classic that will capture the imaginations of a new generation of young readers.
Sylvester loves baseball, but he isn’t exactly what you’d call a good hitter. Even though he wants nothing more than to join his neighborhood team, the Hooper Redbirds, he’s sure he’ll never do anything more than warm the bench. But then he meets the mysterious Mr. Baruth who promises to make Sylvester one of the best players ever. Suddenly, Sylvester goes from the worst player on the team to the kid who can only hit homers.  With his overnight success, however, come tough questions. Will Sylvester ever learn the true meaning of teamwork? And what will happen when he has to learn to stand on his own?  This beloved story about baseball, confidence, perseverance, and being a good teammate is a modern classic and sure to win over a new generation of young sports fans.


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