Lady Miss Penny Goes To Lunch (Hardcover) By Maya Rodale


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Learn to dine out like the (usually) well-behaved pup the Lady Miss Penny, as she shares her 10 Restaurant Rules in this delightfully unruly story of dinner dos and don’ts!

The Lady Miss Penny loves doing all sorts of things with her best friend, Milady but she loves going out to eat the most! Lady Miss Penny knows just how to behave at a restaurant. She can SIT, STAY, and PLAY like the very best pup. But when Lady Miss Penny invites all her animal friends to dinner at the fancy restaurant, she has to teach them all the Restaurant Rules from scratch. And they’re not very good at following the rules…

Who knew table manners could be so fun? Lady Miss Penny’s comical dos and don’ts are sure to bring giggles as kids learn to recite her catchy 10 Restaurant Rules!


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