Let the Thunder In by Marydale Stewart


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Marydale Stewart’s straightforward, storytelling voice often camouflages ironic and unexpected revelations-about the natural world we occupy, its inhabitants, our history and mythology, our art and music. This collection includes poems of life stages, the four seasons, and emotionally charged description of the kinds of experiences that can be best–perhaps only–realized in poetry. “Stewart’s view of her world, largely Midwestern and small town, reflects the tiny but far-reaching dramas that take place every day but that often go unnoticed. . . . She connects the dots between the outside world and her own inner humanity.” -Susan Azar Porterfield, author. “These are the poems of an independent, wise woman open to a variety of experiences. Stewart often begins a poem by observing nature or recalling a moment in history and then proceeds to meditate profoundly on life itself.” -Janet Ruth Heller, author. ABOUT THE POET: Marydale Stewart’s chapbook, Inheritance, was published in 2008 by Puddin’head Press, Chicago. She has poems in a number of literary magazines.


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