Marvel Vault of Heroes (Paperback) Thor By Louise Simonson


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The Mighty Thor’s story begins here! See how the God of Thunder came to our world, and what awesome adversities shaped him into a champion of the people in this collection of young-reader comic book stories.

When the Thunder God and Valkyrie plunge into the Asgardian afterworld, why do they bring along Nova?! What is the dreadful mission, and will even the combined might of Thor and Valkyrie and Nova be enough to complete it? Then, Spider-Man and Thor! When a horde of trolls freezes time to launch surprise attacks on both Earth and Asgard, the wise-cracking wall-crawler and the god of thunder are the only ones left to stand against the armies of Krillk the Conqueror! Meanwhile on Asgard, Odin decides to have a little fun and switches up his sons’ weapons: he puts the brothers to the test to see if Loki is worthy of Thor’s hammer!



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