Mila Has Two Beds by Judith Koppens, Anouk Nijs (Illustrator)


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A sweet children’s book that explains co-parenting and shared custody in such a positive way

Mila has two homes: some days she lives with Mommy and some days she lives with Daddy. Today she is going to her mommy’s house. Everything is a little different at Mommy’s than at Daddy’s. But Mommy and Daddy both think Mila is the sweetest girl in the whole world.

A warm and simple story about a girl whose parents are divorced. For toddlers ages 30 months and up, with a focus on the child’s daily life.

At Clavis, our focus is on what’s best for children. We believe that books play an important role in each new phase in life. Our toddler books are tailored for every stage from 0 to 3 and focus on the five most important themes in their life: daily life, skills, emotions, the world, and language development. The age range and theme of every book in our toddler series can be found on the back cover in the form of a colored train.


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