Onlies: A Story of Only Children by Lawrence Baxter


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In a Midwest farming community, thirteen-year-old, only child, Landon Butler’s is expecting another humdrum summer. His plan for earning money is selling vegetables from a produce stand. This and playing baseball are the main things he has going for the summer, as an only child living in the country.He relies on his dog, a crib baseball game he invented, and video games to get through the days. Sometimes, classmate Kaylee shows up on her horse or sixteen-year-old rebellious Ryker shows up in his hot rod car. Like Landon, both are only children, lacking certain social skills and finding acceptance with their peers, a constant challenge. Then other events change everything for Landon’s summer. He has his first experiences dealing with death, romance, drugs, jealousy, disappointment in baseball and changes in relationships. Ryker turns to the dark side. The secret in a neighbor’s woods is uncovered. He witnesses the killing of his dog, experiences the enjoyment of that first kiss, and enters into a business venture with his farming uncle that earns far more money than a vegetable stand.Finally, in an act of courage, based on a belief in another’s value of a friendship, Landon risks all and faces a shooter with hostages’ situation. Yet, his favorite accomplishment will surprise you, in this coming of age story, unless you are an only child. Do only children have characteristics different from society in general? Certainly, and this story reveals why, as well as, the good and bad aspects of growing up as an only child.


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