Plants vs. Zombies Volume 16 (Hardcover) The Garden Path By Paul Tobin


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Is it a brain buffet for the zombies or an unbeleafable plant victory? It’s up to you, as you get to make the choices in this new Plants vs. Zombies adventure with multiple endings!

Our story begins with Dr. Zomboss’ latest plan of evil genius – disguising his zombies as each other, in an effort to confuse plants and plant pals Crazy Dave, Nate, and Patrice. Can the friendly fronds get past these dastardly disguises before the zombies sneak into Neighborville tourist attractions – and even Watson Elementary school – to unleash their hungry ways? Every major decision along the path will be made by you and determine if our horiticultural heroes end up facing their unfortunate demise . . . or victory! Eisner Award-winning writer Paul Tobin (BandetteGenius Factor) collaborates with artist Kieron Dwyer (Captain AmericaThe Avengers) for a brand-new, interactive Plants vs. Zombies journey!


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