Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! by Lorna Scobie


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For fans of Too Many Carrots, this hilarious picture book follows a rabbit who’s in for a big surpriseit’s no longer an only child!

Rabbit loves having everything—its flower, carrots, and stretching area—to itself. But then one day Rabbit’s parents have BIG news . . . Rabbit now has siblings! Thankfully, the fox next door loveshaving rabbits around. Maybe she can help?

In the tradition of books like Wolfie the Bunny, author-illustrator—and sister to MANY siblings—Lorna Scobie crafts a gleeful picture book in Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! that tackles the evergreen dilemma of older siblings who must learn to share and give up solitude in exchange for the love and warmth of siblinghood. Which, as it turns out, is actually fantastic.


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