Rescuing Rosie by Jean Ure


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A brand-new adventure about animals and friendship. From the legendary author of the bestselling Frankie Foster series, Jean Ure.Eleven-year-old best friends, Hannah and Katy LOVE animals. Every weekend, they learn to ride at Mrs Foster’s Riding School, where they meet a loveable horse named Rosie.

Rosie isn’t able to ride like the other horses, and when Mrs Foster cannot afford to keep her, she is sent to another Riding School. But Farley Downs is no ordinary Riding School, and the owner mistreats Rosie, forcing her to gallop when she isn’t able. Hannah and Katy want desperately to save the horse, but to do that, they will need to raise more money than either of them have ever had.

Follow the girls on their journey as they rescue their four-legged friend, Rosie.

A heart-warming tale about the love of animals and the power of friendship.


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