Ruby Starr (Paperback) By Deborah Lytton


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Ruby Starr has a big imagination and an even bigger love of books in this funny, authentic series starter

Ruby Starr has always loved books. She loves them so much that she started a lunchtime book club called The Unicorns. She also has the best friends ever–some real, some fictional–and that’s just the way she likes it.

But then one dark and stormy night (okay it was the morning of a sunny day) Charlotte, a new student comes to town. Ruby knows from her books that a new character probably means trouble…and she’s right Charlotte wants to turn the book club into a drama club, and she’s spending a lot of time with Ruby’s best friend.

Ruby’s going to have to use her imagination and love of reading to solve this big problem before she loses her school friends and her book friends for good.


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