Scratch Off: History Puzzle: Paris ( Scratch Off City History )


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4D now introduces you the new and patented Scratch- Off: History Puzzle of Paris. You first assemble the puzzle of Paris in the year 1900. Experience what the city looked like as you assemble this beautiful puzzle. When complete, use the Scratch Off tool to begin scratching the top layer. As you Scratch, the modern image will appear as if time travel is happing before your eyes. Experience over 100 years of history, as skyscrapers rise and blanket the city. See how the landscape changes, and the skyline appear over time. But don’t worry about the original puzzle image being scratched away. When scratching is complete, you can turn the puzzle over, and the original image is still preserved! This patented Scratch Puzzle comes with a scratch tool and brush. Total Scratch time is an enjoyable five hours of fun as you perfect each piece, and see history evolve before your eyes. Estimated time to assemble the puzzle is five hours. The puzzle measures 27″ x 20″ with 500 pcs.


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