Squirrel in the Museum (Twitch the Squirrel #3) by Vivian Vande Velde


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Pandemonium breaks out at the science museum when Twitch the squirrel tags along on a school trip in this hilarious chapter book.

When Twitch hears that the school children are taking a field trip to the science museum, he decides he wants to join in the fun–so he stows away on the school bus and hides in a backpack to get in.

But as always, not everyone is glad to see a squirrel in their midst. Pursued by security guards, Twitch turns the exhibits into his own private carnival rides–swinging on a Foucault pendulum, riding a model Mars Rover, and skittering across the Bernoulli air pressure table.

Just when it seems like there’s no escape, Twitch’s chaotic romp turns up some surprises for the museum staff. . . and a friendly boy in a wheelchair saves the day for the squirrel, sneaking him back out.

With more than 50 energetic illustrations accompanying the short, hilarious chapters, Squirrel in the Museum is a perfect pick for young readers just starting to seek out longer texts–or a great read-aloud. For aspiring scientists, Squirrel in the Museum also includes an explanation of the scientific exhibits Twitch encounters–as told by the friendly science lab geckos.


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