Stem Outdoors 20+ Hands-On Activities and Experiments (Box Kit)


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Explore STEM topics and have fun This kit with instruction book contains more than 20 experiments and activities that involve nature and the outdoors or that take place outdoors.

  • Step-by-step instructions and color photographs make it easy for kids to follow along with experiments.
  • Experiments and activities can be performed with kit contents and everyday household items.
  • Activities and experiments include: growing a bean sprout, creating a maze for a plant, painting with natural pigments, using solar energy to heat food, distill water, and mark the passage of time, building a wind vane and a barometer to gauge the weather, magnetizing a needle to create a compass, standing on and throwing eggs to explore physics and shapes, a nature walk, and setting off a fun, messy soda fountain geyser.
  • Kit contents includes: instruction book with step-by-step instructions; observation notebook; cardstock pieces and paper; straws; craft sticks; balloons, rubber band; binder clips, and more
  • 10 x 12 inch box kit


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