Taken to Nowhere (A Fran Rupert Adventure) by RC Schulz


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The status of the Kurdish minority in Turkey in 1972 created political unrest and turmoil in the region. “We want our own country.” That’s what Washington was told by a group of Kurds. When two American college girls spend spring break touring historic sites in Turkey, they are kidnapped by Kurds and held as political hostages to encourage one of the girl’s father, who is a U.S. senator, to act on behalf of their captors. John Harter is a very private man who has secretly served many presidents. It falls upon him to convey the news to the current president, a man who has his own troubles. While John begins a diplomatic effort to free the girls, Fran Rupert, C.I.A. operative extraordinaire, is hot on their trail, searching for the girls and organizing their rescue. The Kurds become impatient and take another hostage. Time is running out as they schedule a vengeful trial of their captives.


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