Teacher In The Wild by Izzy B (Illustrator), Devin Siebold


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What happens when a veteran public school teacher becomes an award-winning comedian, and then finally pursues his passion to write a children’s book?
You get a comedy-filled fantasy journey into the mind of a student that just spotted their teacher outside the classroom.


We have all been there, if not as a teacher, as a child. Seeing your teacher for the first time in an informal setting is a feeling of excitement and wonder. Now, we can add imagination and humor to that experience, with Devin Siebold’s debut book: A Teacher in the Wild.


Take a journey into the mind of a child out on a trip to the mall with their father, as they encounter Mrs. Brown doing some casual shopping… or so it seems.


Every step, every purchase, every discussion is analyzed in only the way a child’s imagination can fathom.
There is absolutely no way Mrs. Brown has left the classroom without something sinister happening behind the curtains, and her student is going to get to the bottom of it.


This story is written with the influence of a favorite author of Devin’s, Shel Silverstein, and is a rhyming and rhythmic tale that every child and adult can relate to that will have readers laughing all the way until the exciting twist of an ending.


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