Ten in the Bed (Jane Cabrera’s Story Time) (Board book) By Jane Cabrera


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Count down to bedtime with a pilot, a ballerina, and more in a vibrant rendition of a favorite nursery rhyme.

A tiny sleepy mouse is ready to get into bed. But there are nine others lying down too. One by one the animal friends roll over and out of the bed and straight into a new adventure story. The dog princess climbs from her bed-topped tower. The rabbit astronaut takes off from her bed-rocket-ship. The bear pilot parachutes out of his bed-plane. Count and sing along until everyone is – at last – ready for a good night’s sleep.

Jane Cabrera’s Story Time celebrates children’s best-loved read along nursery rhymes and songs. These interactive favorites are given a new twist by award-winning artist Jane Cabrera and feature her bold, bright, kid-friendly illustrations. Other titles in the series include The Wheels on the Bus, Old Mother Hubbard, and Old MacDonald Had a Farm.


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