The Book Dragon (Hardcover) by Kell Andrews, Éva Chatelain (Illustrator)


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Beware the Book Dragon She’ll steal your books in the middle of the night to add to her stash. Will brave young Rosehilda dare to confront her and help her village love reading once again?The town of Lesser Scrump has a rule: no books allowed Instead, words must be written in dirt or scratched onto bark. And it’s all because of a fearsome dragon, who comes in the night to take every book and add it to her huge pile. Only Rosehilda says, “I’m not afraid ” and vows to challenge the creature who terrorizes her village. Will she be able to convince the dragon that books are for reading, not hoarding? This fun fairy tale stars a delightful, strong heroine–and delivers a loving message about not judging a book by its cover.


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