The Forgotten Crayon (Hardcover) by Yoko Maruyama


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A neglected crayon sits unused in the box until a creative young girl sees its potential 

A boxful of brand-new crayons is overjoyed when a boy named Lucas brings them home and starts using them to make pictures. Except that Lucas never, ever uses the white crayon for anything, and when he decides he needs a new set of crayons, that white crayon is still as tall and as clean as the day it was bought. Poor white crayon feels so dejected. But when a girl named Olivia stumbles upon the fresh white crayon, she’s delighted. She draws her own kinds of pictures, and this white crayon is exactly what she needs. Here’s a funny, heartwarming story that not only shows how things can be used in different ways, but also reinforces the lesson that everyone feels good when they have a chance to participate.


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