The Tiny Chef (Hardcover) and da mishing weshipee blook By Rachel Larsen


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The Tiny Chef, a small herbivore with an enormous heart, goes on a quest to find his missing recipe book in this irresistible debut picture book from the creators of @TheTinyChefShow.

Our debut picture book adventure finds the Tiny Chef at home in his kitchen on a beautiful day, but not all is well inside the Chef’s stump. He’s misplaced his favorite recipe book–the one he uses to cook all of his best dishes, like his famous stew, which he always makes on the first day of fall, and that day is here! What is the Chef to do! He practically tears apart his house looking for it. He gets so frustrated he throws a tantrum. But then he does what we all have to do sometimes when we’re upset. He counts to ten. He goes for a nice long walk. And that’s when inspiration strikes! A little rosemary, some mushrooms, and the Chef might have a brand-new recipe after all. And that’s when his recipe book finally appears. Right where he left it–now isn’t that weird?


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