World Almanac: 5,001 Incredible Facts For Kids On Nature, Science, And People by World Almanac Kids™


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From the #1 New York Times bestselling World Almanac™comes a full‑color, full‑of‑fun, oversize book packed with thousands of awesome facts about science, nature, and people—everything on planet Earth and beyond.

Kids want to learn about the world around them, and with this engaging, colorful collection of facts, figures, photographs, and fun, they will. Perfect for home or for school, and a great gift for any curious reader, here are thousands of fascinating and surprising facts about almost everything:

  • Animals—Dogs, cats, snakes, insects, spiders, sharks, and more
  • Culture—Art, holidays, food, movies, and more
  • Disasters—Earthquakes, shipwrecks, floods, storms, and more
  • Geography—Oceans, mountains, continents, habitats, and more
  • Geology—Volcanoes, tectonics, minerals, gems, and more
  • Human Body and Medicine—Diseases, organs, senses, and other weird and wonderful human body facts.
  • Record-setters—All about the biggest, smallest, fastest, tallest, and more
  • Space—The moon, stars, planets, human spaceflight, and more
  • Sports—Basketball, baseball, football, hockey, Olympic, and soccer superstars past and present, and more
  • Technology—Computers, drones, inventions, and more

The World Almanac™ 5,001 Incredible Facts for Kids on Nature, Science, and People provides kids, teachers, and families timely and timeless information on an enormous variety of subjects. It will give readers hours and hours of fun while it educates and illuminates.


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