Summer Reading Challenges!



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Summer Reading Time is here!!!




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Alright, it is Book-opoly time!

Download your copy of the board below, and find your choice of game piece to use at home. You will only need one standard die for this game, not two!!

Roll the die, move your piece, and find a book that satisfies the category you have landed on. Once you complete the book, you may cross that space off and move again. If you cross off both colors in a section, you earn a raffle ticket!

If you land on a fox tail (Tail-Road…), you have an opportunity to answer a trivia question for 2 raffle tickets. You will come in to answer these, or you can email us and let us know you have landed on one of these spaces, and we will send you the question. You can only use each Tailroad once, for a total of 4 trivia questions.

If you land on the parking spot directly, you can cross off one spot automatically. YOU MAY ONLY USE THIS ONCE< NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU LAND HERE!!

Land on the wheel spot, come in and spin the wheel for bonus tickets and giveaways! The Reading Challenge will continue until August 20th, and then all info must be turned in for tickets! Prizes include movie tickets, gift certificates, CatsEye Wine Bar goodies, and more!


Happy reading, and let us know if you have any questions. We will be happy to order you any book you need this summer if we do not have it in stock. Please fill out the form below to register officially, then get your game board and get started!



Click HERE to download your Bookopoly board!